The natural choice for Natural Timber

The natural choice for Natural Timber

Oil coatings for Timber are experiencing a resurgence as popular alternatives to traditional high gloss solvent-based polyurethanes for floors, especially where house owners are looking for a natural look on their floors to complement the natural beauty of the timber used.

In addition, there is also a great advantage, and that is ongoing maintenance, in particular because of the following: -

  • Oils do not require the major expense and often inconvenience associated with resending, simply – it does not require re-sanding, just ongoing, regular reapplication to keep a timber floor in top condition.
  • Natural oils allow the timber to breathe and move as the environmental conditions change.

Additionally, oil finished Timbers including floors can be spot-treated where needed, or spot repaired, if necessary, instead of the need to be fully sand and refinish a damaged or spot-worn floor.

Ongoing maintenance is simple and if handled properly, will prevent a wood floor from ever having to be re-sanded.

Cost is, always an important consideration, and when compared to alternatives Penetrating oils require a Lot Less product than traditional finishes and the average cost per square metre of materials is favourable when compared with traditional finishes.

On a final note, ‘looking after floors’ which have been finished with oils is no different to any other floor: i.e.,

  • keep the amount of grit and dirt to a minimum,
  • use dirt trapping mats at all entrances,
  • apply protective pads to furniture,
  • avoid high heels, consider using rugs in high traffic areas and
  • avoid wetting the floor excessively.


Livos has a great range of Natural Oils for solid timber,

  1. KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer #244 - Kunos 244 natural oil with a low odour, available in Clear or 8 magnificent tints to match your existing or new decor. Also suitable to seal & treat concrete floors.

  2. KUNOS Countertop Oil #243 - Ideal for Kitchen, Dining or Restaurant use on bench or tabletops, also contains protection against heat up to 50 degrees.
  3. ARDVOS Universal Wood Oil #266 - satin finish, water repellent, open-pored. Also suitable to treat concrete floors
  4. KALDET Transparent Wood Stain #270 this non-toxic wood stain offers long-lasting durability, while enhancing the natural beauty of your timber
  5. LINN Bathroom Furniture Oil #1703 - natural and water resistant to enhance the natural beauty and durability of your bathroom bench tops and furniture.

Solid Timber has a long lifespan and looks wonderful, by just apply a natural oil will enhance and prolong the life of your timber and nourish the timber allowing it to preserve its unique grain, it offers superior protection against humidity (use KUNOS 243 for superior protection against heat up to 50 degrees)

As far as sanding goes, we recommend sanding to grain 150 or 180 before application. This ensures that the oil penetrates the timber better.

And finally, do keep in mind that natural oils will cure naturally, this means that it will take up to 4 weeks to cure, this does not mean you cannot use it during that time, you can, just clean up any spills immediately and only wash it after the 4-week period.