Non Toxic Children’s Face & Finger Painting

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SALIS Natural Finger Paints #907

SALIS Natural Finger Paints #907

6 colours, each in a 0.05 lt glass container presented in a cardboard box.

Colours: include Yellow, Red, Orange, Green, Blue and White.

Application Range: May be used on absorbent material such as wood, stone, unglazed clay, wood shavings, paper and cardboard, gypsum, salt dough and many other. May be diluted with water or undiluted with fingers, brush or sponge.

Ingredients: Water, mineral pigments, hep oil, methyl cellulose, extract of gentian roots. Preserved with substances permitted in the pharmaceuticals and food industries.

Technical Qualities:  All colours are intermixable. Tested according to DIN EN 71 part 1. Depth of penetration and part 3. Suitable for toys.


VIDA Non Toxic Natural Make-up Set #1090

VIDA Non Toxic Natural Make-up Set  #1090

Includes 12 colours and comes with 2 brushes and cotton face cloth.

  • For children and adults
  • Made from natural raw materials
  • All contents are fully declared
  • Made without preservatives
  • Excellent coverage and skin tolerance
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Holds up well to perspiration

Ingredients: Vegetable oils, beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral pigments and Vitamin E.

Colours: Ochre, Red ochre, English red, Persian red, Dark brown, Light brown, Black, Green, Dark blue, Light blue, Violet and White.

Technical Qualities: Made from natural raw materials, no preservatives, skin friendly, tested on DIN EN 71 (Suitable for toys)