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Cork is a truly renewable raw material

Cork is a truly a renewable raw material in the full sense of the word. It comes from the outer layer of the cork oak, which is peeled every 10 years or so, and then it rebuild itself to completely new again. When the cork granules are mixed with natural glue resin, the result is a true 100% natural product. Cork is becoming popular again due to the material being durable, insulating, soundproof, foot warm and also easy to maintain. Synthetic coatings used when sealing cork tiles often contain many harmful materials that may cause chemically sensitive people to develop allergic reactions or respiratory problems. The optimal solution, and to stay true to the nature of the material would be to obtain untreated cork, then seal the surface with a natural resin hardening oil such as the LIVOS Kunos natural oil sealer. This sealer connects with the surface and ensures a layer that is water and dirt proof.

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Cork is a truly renewable raw material
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