Received face paints.
Love it,
Nice texture , havnt got oil to paint ratio correct for quick drying yet .
Comes off easy with oil.
My 4 year old thanks you too.
Easy on, easy off. Ya!
Any tips on quick drying?
Thank regardless
Happy customer.

- Carrie

Many thanks for this information, Angela, you have been very helpful, as always. What great customer service you deliver, wish there were more like you. Joe

- Joe

~~Dear Livos team,
I have been using your Kunos 243 Counter top oil over the last 18 months to coat more than 50 coffee tables and numerous chopping boards and kitchen utensils and am really happy with how easy it is to apply, and how durable the coating has been, in particular how water and heat resistant the coating is. My favourite cooking spoon/ spatula is made from Austlian Native Cherry and coated with Kunos 243 and I've cooked eggs, bacon, tomatoes and spinach with it almost every day for the last year and have been amazed how well the coating has protected the timber and coped with heating, and subsequent washing with warm soapy water. Kunos 243 really is a great product, Kind regards, Martin from Canberra

- Martin, Canberra

Hello Livos Team,

I promised to write a short testimonial and I am finally getting around to sending it across to you. Thank you again for your great products! Here it is....

'Thank you for creating such effective yet natural products that are safe for people and the environment. I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and I can only use products that are free from chemicals or synthetic fragrances.
Our polished floorboards were looking very dull. I had not been able to find a natural product that could bring back a shine to them. I recently came across your Glanos Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner and, after only one use of the Wax cleaner, our floorboards are looking glossy and shiny and full of life again. I am so thrilled with the results. I absolutely love your products. Thank you.'

- Patricia, Melbourne

Hi Angela.

Thanks for participating in the rejuvenation of our house. It has been a pleasure to work with you and you team, and we will be recommending your services to our friends.

I was very happy with the thoroughness of the work the boys did in taking care to cover everything with consistency. The levelling and finish is of a high standard, and we are grateful for the effort the boys did to get the best result this neglected floor could offer. 

I am very happy we went with your team, and chose Livos products.

Fin & Claire, Coburg -

Good morning Angela,
Just a note to say how incredibly happy we are with our floor! Jami and Rob have done an amazing job and it is sooooo beautiful! Rob was very patient with us on what to fill and what not to fill and we are very pleased to have our ‘natural features’ showing through while still having a perfectly soft and sleek floor. The oil has enhanced all the grain and the variance in colour without being overly glossy – we love it. It is simply gorgeous.

And thank you, specifically to you, for all your advice, information and patience. This has been a great experience 
Thanks again,

- Myrine, Hoddles Creek

I wanted to update this post 18 months or so down the track.  We went with the livos kunos product on both our concrete slab and also on our recycled blackwood floor.  We couldn't be happier.

To be honest, we started being very particular about cleaning up spills immediately and over the following year got slacker and slacker about how quickly we cleaned under our toddlers high chair.  I'll admit there have been many days when food has stayed there for hours or I rushed to work leaving porridge on the floor until the evening.  We have had NO staining, the marks have always come off and it still looks like new.

In the kitchen, the floor was fairly quick to look tired.  As much as you try not to drop things on the floor you always seem to have detergent trapped in a dishwasher item that hits the deck.  Recently I picked up some maintenance oil and was amazed that in about 15 min the kitchen looked like new again.

We live on granitic sands and have three kids.  Sand is always in the house.

This product has maintained scratches better than anything else I have seen.

I can always renew it and love that we don't have any more polyurethane on the floor.

My only negative is that I followed the concrete installation instructions online and washed the slab with the recommended cleaner the night before the contractor oiled the slab.  I then rinsed the slab as instructed.  My mop marks have stained the floor and are still visible 12 months later.  The contractor swears that he never uses this product to clean a floor before oiling and I would highly recommend you do not use it, or if so, rinse many times over and allow to dry for many days before the oil is applied.
Thankfully the floor finish has sufficient variation that the mop marks do not stand out.

Overall, we LOVE this finish on our floor and would highly recommend it to someone with kids.

And finally, it turns out the person that had a bad experience with this product had an inferior and different product laid by their contractor even though livos was specified.

Nat McCarthy -

Thank you for the Livos delivery and the Trena cleaner. We have been busy applying the Linus and oil to our concrete floors and we are very impressed with the result. Great smelling, no chemical off gassing which is great as we are on our hands and knees buffing it with cloths rather than a machine. What a beautiful tactile finish. I love the feel and the look. Thank you for such a great product.

Jenny -

May I give you some feedback? I am sure you would expect that I have been going through this process with a number of companies. But I would like you to know that Livos has been the most responsive and informative, and you in particular have provided an extremely high level of service. This is greatly appreciated and instils such confidence in me that we will get the result we want.

Myrine -

Wow, thanks for your help today angela. Had no idea what such a small amount of oil could do. Only used maybe a quarter to half litre on about 40 square metres and looks amazing. Thanks.

James -

After exploring various options, I had Angela and team sand and oil the timber floors in the living areas of my home. The work was completed to a high standard and was well above my expectations. The oiled finish looks very nice, is durable and easy to maintain. The eco-friendly  natural oil has added to my satisfaction and long-term peace of mind. 

Angela is very approachable and knowledgeable; I have no hesitation recommending her service.
Thank you again Angela.


Deanne - Yarra Glen, VIC

Personally I really dislike pine furniture, particularly when it is stained to look like mahogany etc hence we decided to go with something bright and very unlike natural pine. Very very happy with the result and colour, love the bright green and it fits perfectly on our bright, flowery patio.

Jeff - -

We are so happy with your Livos oil in our superpodhome project.

We used your oils on our Australply Hoop Pine Ply cabinet work and linings.  

The oil is lovely to work with and enhances the timber without being overly shiny.

We also used your oils on our concrete slab floor.  Again, the oils were just beautiful to work with.  A true confession, we oiled the floor in bare feet with no worries about getting any of it on our skin.  It smells so beautiful you can just tell it is environmentally friendly!

Please tell your supporters that if they want to build an environmentally friendly home, they can talk to us about a superpod podhouse, which uses virtually no heating (in Victoria Australia), and no aircon either!  Good for our environment, and so great to live in.  Check out our Facebook page and our website superpodhome.com

Fiona McKenzie - Founding Director, Superpod Pty Ltd

Yes, all of our expectations have been exceeded - Julian and I are thrilled with our new floors!  

Thank you sincerely to Rob who went above and beyond the call of duty.  

We really appreciate all his efforts and his dedication to delivering the best possible result for us.  We are very proud of our new floors which have completely transformed the look and feel of our home.

Julian and Lorraine - Mooroolbark

Livos Australia supply products to home renovators and the building industry that are ecologically sustainable. Their products use organically sourced natural raw materials. They are recyclable and biodegradable, cause no harm to the environment and are easy and a pleasure to use. 

Besides this, the business owners are committed to educating professionals, tradespeople and the layperson alike, on building sustainably and keeping buildings healthy. They provide efficient and effective advice to people using or specifying their products and they actively connect those interested in sustainability with each other. 

For years, alongside their products, Livos have been promoting green living, at festivals, lectures, on the internet, etc. and taught and inspired many, with their practices. They deserve a Green Award as recognition for the way they have chosen to conduct their business and the wonderful example they set for others.

Lynnsay Prunotto - Melbourne

Linda and I went to see the floor this afternoon and we both very much like the result - it has brought the concrete floor to life and it is quite a rich surface.  I'm very glad we found out about the Livos approach (via Dorit/Antonie) as it is much more preferable to us than the toxic polyurethane type of treatment. Linseed and beeswax are familiar aromas to me and actually quite pleasant. Robert has done a great job, and it must have been tricky because we have only one wall that has a skirting board.

So, thanks for your assistance and patience with us changing start times etc. and to Robert for doing a terrific job in a very hot week.

Richard & Linda - Melbourne

I want to express the sincere thanks of Eastern Woodturners for the time, energy and skill Angela brought to the Club to present details of your wonderful products. 

A lot of us in the Club use the Kunos products but it is always goo0d to hear about how best to use  the products and what other new products and methods are in use. Angela was well received by the members and it is always good to have one of the faces of a company in person to present the products. Her passion for the products and their performance certainly helps get the message across. 

Please thank her once again from all of us for visiting the Club and giving us her time. We look forward to seeing how the Kunos products can enhance our turnings. Best regards

Trevor Green - Secretary, Eastern Woodturners Inc

I am totally rapt and my brother in law (very fussy german and my sister) LOVES the floor.. you guys have managed to turn a sow's ear into silk purse... thank you very much:) I thank Lynnsay for encouraging me to go with you guys... as I could never have imagined that it could look so lovely. If anyone damages the floor ... I will make a leather wallet out of them:) I will remind them to be careful. Regards

Belinda - Ringwood North

We are completely enamoured with our floors!!! They are just beautiful and we are delighted to have had the pleasure to work with Robert. We will be recommending you to all our friends.

R Buckley - South Yarra

Livos' Kunos Natural Oil Sealer has been added another dimension to my woodturning.  I've been turning for a couple of years - a relative novice - and had tried several other finishes (lacquer, wax etc) however Kunos, from first use, was a revelation.   Firstly, it give me outstanding natural results in terms of finish, lustre and it produces a hard durable surface.  Additionally, and most imprtantly though, the finish allows you to retain the tactile and textural sensations of the original wood.

There are more upsides too - it's dead easy to use, it doesn't need any extra equipment such as spray apparatus, protective clothing etc, and it's a natural product. 

I couldn't be happier with my woodturning results since finding out about, and changing to, Kunos Oil.

Jeff - Wood Turner

I had my tasmanian oak floors treated by Anro floors 10 years ago and was thrilled with the results. The use of non toxic chemicals was a high priority to me, having a family. The floors coped well with a growing family and pets and  to this day still look rich and enhanced. I have had no reservations recommending this floor treatment to many friends and family.

Thank you Angela & Rob.

Jan Ure - Interior Decorator

Just a quick note of thanks for your help in sorting out my order yesterday, have received it this morning, how refreshing to receive such good service. Thanks Again

Brenda - Melbourne

You finished all the hard-wood floors in the renovated portion of our house with Kunos oil eleven years ago. This includes the kitchen, laundry and bathroom areas as well as the parts of the house which get the most traffic.

The surfaces have maintained their excellent look all that time - and look even better now that you've just returned to give them a rejuvenation treatment, and fixing up most of the scrapes, bumps and stains which "somehow" occurred in the intervening decade or so. Thanks again for your extremely fine workmanship, which is a cut above what one would expect.

Fred & Angelika - Northcote

We have recently finished building a non-toxic (healthy) home at Daylesford for renting out on weekends. It's been quite a journey as we have had to source products that are genuinely 'healthy' and that have an appeal for our guests. I am very pleased to report that the paints and stains that we purchased from Livos have absolutely done the trick. The paints have a very sweet smell (unlike the traditional products), and having plant based pigments present no problems from a health perspective.  

The whole house is timber clad and we have timber floors and kitchen, and several decks. The challenge for us was to find a product that was healthy and functional i.e., would last the distance. Your recommendation to use Alis decking oil was a great one as the application was very easy and the product is holding up beautifully. It's been a marathon effort to finish the staining but certainly well worth while as the house looks great and our original need for a healthy product has been met.  Thanks so much; come up and stay at our place at Daylesford any time.

Sharon & John Salter - Daylesford

We were so happy with the Livos product…so easy to apply and we are thrilled with the finish.Thanks again for all your advice and we would highly recommend this product. Best regards

Melissa Ashcroft & Adam Young - Uki Fashion Agency Pty Ltd

I used Livos Dubron 414 on new plasterboard walls and found it a pleasure to paint with. All the bare plaster joins and patches were first painted with a brush and nook and cranny roller, then I applied two full coats on separate days. The application and coverage was creamy and full, once dry the walls and ceilings had an even texture, a classy natural look and the smell was fresh and clean! The customer's were happy, satisfied and found the surfaces complimentary to their many Tasmanian timber features. 

Sam Fenton - Customer

I have been using Livos products for a number of years now with great results. I can achieve beautiful finishes by hand without the need for spray facilities. The products are safe to use and non toxic, containing no harmful chemicals. I run furniture making classes and all projects are finished with livos products as it gives me a great deal of comfort knowing that the plant based ingredients will not introduce toxic substances to my students or the workshop.  

Simon Zablotsky - Mastercraftsman, Zablotsky Furniture Design

As building designers who focus on sustainable and energy efficient building design, the environmental impact of the products that we use and recommend to our clients is paramount.  Products not only need to have minimal impact on the environment but they also need to have a great finish and be easy to use.

We feel that the Livos products tick all of these boxes and we feel very confident recommending your products to our clients.  We have also found your staff to provide us with excellent service and knowledgeable advice on your products, all the more reason to recommend you!

We can also personally vouch for your products, as we have used them on our office stairs (Ardvos) and floors at home (Kunos).  It has now been over 3 years since we finished our office stairs and over 18 months since we oiled our floors at home and both surfaces still look brilliant, they are wearing extremely well and have been regularly commented on by visitors.  The oils have really enhanced the natural grain and colour of the timbers.  There have never been any offensive toxic smells which was very important to us particularly at home because we brought home a new born baby soon after our floors were oiled.  We also have a staff member who suffers from many allergies, yet she is finding our office environment great to work in because we chose to use non-toxic materials and finishes.

We continually specify Livos products to our clients, and always receive positive feedback from those who live with them, so thank you for all of your support, advice and great products over the years!

Sven Maxa - Maxa Designs

We like Kunos Oil for many  reasons, firstly it is completely non toxic so there are no health problems like with using lacquers. Secondly it brings out the natural colour of the timber where as some oils that contain mineral turps retard the natural colour of the timber. Thirdly it is dead set easy to use; any one can achieve a good finish if they follow a few simple instructions.

Neil Scobie - custom furniture maker and woodturner, who also teachers

Just checked out a job and the oak stain looks awesome. She very happy and the house has had an exciting transformation. Good workmanship in conjunction with good finishes enhances our reputations.Will supply your details to future clients for sales.

Shane Martin - Green Concept Builers / Able Arms Constructions

This is just to thank you and Robert, very much, for making the floor at Eltham look beautiful! We were a little worried after the priming coat went on, but Robert’s knowledge and expertise transformed the floor from a potentially dark, crackled-looking mess into a glossy, gorgeous surface. We are very  pleased with the outcome.

Thank you for providing the service you do. It is fantastic, and we will continue to recommend Anro Flooring and Livos products to all that ask.

Lynnsay and Marco - Eltham

What can we say? We just love our floors. We have not walked on them yet as they are curing. They look superb, smell great and are exactly what we were promised professional service, our property was left clean. Thank you Robert and Angela

(Passed on from Anro Floorcare)

Maureen & Barry - Balnarring

Thanks for the great floor. It really looks great and it is a credit to you! Given the lung and respiratory and health challenges that I have, I was pleased with the fact that on my return there was no oil smells or any sanding dust. Thank you once again and good luck with your business future. I would be happy to discuss your work with any prospective clients should you wish to avail yourselves of this offer.

(Passed on from Anro Floorcare)

Bernie - Kew

The floor looks amazing.
We moved in on the weekend very very slowly and I now don't want to put
any furniture in the place because it's covering up the floor. SP Greensborough

SP - Greensborough

Please tell Rob thank you so much we love our floors all over again (not that we still didn’t)

We now don’t want to bring any of our furniture back in, we might have to leave it outside for ever….

KC - Belgrave Victoria

I have the second coat on and it is starting to look amazing!
It really brings out the beauty of the bamboo countertops.
So happy to have found an organic coating to match our ethos in the kitchen.
Shipping was fast, and the customer service excellent
thank you.

Karine - NSW