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Livos are world leaders in the production of ecological plant based finishes

Officially established in Germany in 1974 Livos offers a full 100% ingredients declaration. The natural, non toxic paints, oils for internal and external use, cleaners and maintenance products have been  successfully used throughout Australia since 1986. Your health and safety is our 1st priority.  Livos Australia offers you Natural, Safe and Eco friendly alternatives from conventional polyurethane, synthetic & chemical applications.  Good for you and  good for the environment.

By using LIVOS products, you are making a healthy choice for your home, family, and your environment.


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Our  showroom & warehouse is located Bayswater Victoria, with independent retailers throughout Australia.

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Featured Products

KUNOS Countertop Oil #243

KUNOS Countertop Oil #243

Available as a transparent finish that prevents temperature caused discolouration of light wooden surfaces and is heat resistant to 50 degrees. Applied once, it produces a matt surface finish, and after 2 to 3 applications a semi-gloss finish. Water resistant. Certified food safe.


Timber, Concrete and Cork Floors Care Kit

Timber, Concrete and Cork Floors Care Kit

A handy DIY care kit for touching up a tired surface, worn area, repairing any minor scratches and for long term cleaning. It includes everything you will need to repair or rejuvenate your Timber, Concrete or Cork floors.


Tables, Bench top and Furniture Care Kit

Tables, Bench top and Furniture Care Kit

An excellent care kit for touching up a tired surface, repairing any minor scratches and for long term cleaning. It includes everything you will need to repair or rejuvenate your Tables, Bench Tops even Furniture.


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Livos Australia supplies a large range of plant based non-toxic products for various surfaces. The products are biologically degradable, sustainable and are harmless, even in direct contact with humans, animals and plants.


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Livos offers a variety of all-natural, non-toxic, biodegradable products.

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Latest From our Blog
Untreated, raw or limed look for timber and concrete.

Wanting a beachy look, or the surface to look raw or untreated? Why not, this is becoming an increasingly popular look, especially on ply and concrete. Whilst the clear oil highlights and deepens the colour of the substrate one is working on, sometimes it is nice to keep it in its original sanded and untreated look.

The Kunos white oil is a great alternative and increasing in its popularity for this reason. Not only does it keep the substrate from yellowing, it is completely non toxic, easy to use as well as having an economical coverage rate.

The oil is an all in one stain and sealer combining the benefits of penetrating oils, hardening resins and water-resistant waxes and in the case, white pigments. If using on timber, remember that timber is a natural material and often comes with its own individual characteristics and imperfections.  The oil will allow these natural imperfections to be visible, even after oiling. When using a stain, you need to remember sanding needs to be more exact. Any scratches in the surface left by sanding paper will be highlighted even more. As the oils are penetrating oils, one can also manipulate the intensity of the white by the sanding process.