Livos Products For Professionals

Livos Products For Professionals

Sustainable paints and finishing products

With over 45 years of combined experience in this field in Europe and Australia, we have the knowledge and hands on experience to assit you in making the right choice for your project.

Truly sustainable design means considering the environmental impact of all construction materials - right down to the paints and finishes. Unfortunately, most manufacturers of paints and finishes supply only limited information about their products' ingredients and virtually no information of the environmental and health impacts.

Livos Australia is different. We are completely transparent about the environmental and health impacts of our wide range of sustainable paints, tints, primers, floor oils and other oils. If you're committed to sustainable design, specify Livos products.

Eco friendly products: The Livos difference

Livos is the first global supplier of green products to openly declare all ingredients. All of our products:

      use fully declared ingredients
      are low allergenic or allergen free
      are biodegradable
      do not contribute to greenhouse emissions
      are based on renewable raw plant materials
      are stringently tested to European standards

Livos is committed to ethical and responsible manufacturing, the use and disposal of all their products. We provide a level of support and information that sets new standards for the industry.

With over 45 years of research, experience and innovation behind us. Livos is a pioneer in the use and promotion of sustainable materials. Our goal is to help eliminate toxic finishing products from the marketplace.

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