Cedar Wood Flooring - Things you should know to protect and maintain your floor

Cedar Wood Flooring - Things you should know to protect and maintain your floor

Cedar wood is a softwood which is a great idea to use in areas that do not have a lot of traffic like bedrooms. Cedar wood can give you a relaxed, comfortable and cozy feeling which can improve your sleep. This is also a great option for people who are looking for environmental solutions and is more affordable than other materials. However,  as a softwood, Cedar is more prone to scratches, dings and dents from pets, furniture, etc. 

There are several ways that you can easily protect your cedar wood floors:

1. Cleaning frequently with the right solutions
For softwood floors like cedar wood, Livos recommend you use TRENA pH-Neutral Cleaner and remember to clean it regularly. 

2. Be careful with your pets
Cedar wood floor is quite sensitive and easy to be scratched. So remember to clip their nails regularly or use nail coverings. Trying to clean up any accidents as soon as possible.

3. Treat your cedar wood floors with oils, stains or paints
Livos has a wide range of natural oils that you can apply for your cedar wood floor to protect and maintain it from both internal and external impacts such as:
- KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer
- KUNOS Floor Maintenance

- ARDVOS Universal Wood Oil
- BIVOS Oil Wax
- LINUS Wood and Cotto Oil

KUNOS products are made 100% from natural oils like linseed oils which are free of toxic substances, and safe for humans, animals, and plants, even in direct contact. You may be surprised by the results.

4. Other tips for prevention
- Using floor protectors on furniture legs
- Be cautious with liquid (wine, ...) spills on cedar wood surfaces and clean it immediately.

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