Why linseed is so popular for flooring finishing products?

Why linseed is so popular for flooring finishing products?

From many centuries , people have used linseed oil to protect and maintain their exterior and interior floors/ furniture. Linseed oil has histirically been used as a protective surface for timber and concrete floors. It is also a popular ingredient in paints, varnishes, and stains. Undoubtedly, Linseed oil is one of the most favourable finishing solutions for flooring in the world.  Additionally, there are other applications of linseed oil and included for soaps, inks, cosmetics, etc.

So why you should choose products from linseed oil to protect your floors?

Firstly, you should know about the origin and composition of Linseed oils. It is extracted from flax seed. Can you believe that these beautifully soft and graceful blue flowers can be transformed into the “golden oil” that is used in protecting your floors?

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1. Enhancing the natural colour of timber floors:

In comparison with other finished oil, linseed oil has a transparent golden colour that can enhance the luxurious look of floorboards or furniture. For both exterior and interior, Linseed oil can maintain natural colour looks for a very long time because the oil is deeply absorbed into the timber.

2. The perfect solution to cover dents and scratches

Dent and scratches areas can be covered to get a polished look by coating them with linseed oil. The oil can bring back the original looks of floors and furniture. Additionally, it is very hard to see small cracks. So by applying linseed oil, you can avoid water particles from going inside the timbers and help prevent the cause of wood rot.

3. Safe for humans, animals, and plants

Linseed oil is also a nutrition source that can be compared with fish oil. This is a non-toxic finishing oil and is also used for kitchenware like cutting boards, … Especially recommend for the family and kids

4. Durable, elastic, water resistant and easy to apply

Wood or concrete surfaces are affected by change in temperature, humidity, and physical and chemical impacts. Linseed oil creates a stabilized layer that acts as a protective film, it also has the ability to expand and contract with the movement of timer and still maintain its stability function. It is also a water-resistent protective layer and lasts for a very long time

There are many other wonderful benefits of linseed oil that will suprise you.

When it comes to Livos products, almost all Livos products are manufactured from linseed oils along with other natural ingredients. There are several products as you can see:

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