The Advantages of Natural Coating Systems from Livos

The Advantages of Natural Coating Systems from Livos

A sustainable home is not always a healthy one.

By using the Livos natural products, you can achieve both.


Why Livos? The advantages are many.


  • Provide economical, sustainable and environmentally friendly options to synthetic coating systems.
  • Are suitable for a range of surfaces, both internally and externally, in domestic situations or commercial sites.
  • Provide excellent coverage, quality and ease of rejuvenation long term.
  • Made from natural and renewable raw materials. Livos is the world’s first manufacturer of natural paints. Suitable for use by Professionals, craftsmen and private consumers.
  • Nontoxic, no harmful chemicals. The health of the individual and applicator is a top priority.
  • Full declaration of all ingredients, allowing full transparency and informed holistic decision making,
  • Certified food and toy safe products, Heat resistant to 50 degrees and slip resistant tested.
  • Vapour permeable and anti-static ensuring optimal IAQ Indoor Air Quality.
  • Cleaning and care products to suit to ensure surfaces last for decades
  • has extensive information on not only the products themselves however also detailed sheets and videos enabling an optimal finish. Manufactured in Germany under strict European regulations.
  • Available Australia wide.

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