Safe on kitchen surfaces

Safe on kitchen surfaces

Livos have an oil to cater for all needs, including tables and benches, whether timber or concrete!

The Kunos countertop oil #243 is a heat resistant, certified food safe, completely natural coating that can be used in domestic situations as well as commercial. Even safe enough to put on a teething ring.

Prepared and treated correctly, timber can give an added warmth to the “heart and soul” of a home. Timber is soothing, a natural substrate and it should be treated with a natural coating to maintain its tactile feel and breathability. Applying a synthetic coating is like wrapping it up in plastic.

Timber does not like a lot of water no matter the coating. To keep the surface looking ideal, do not let water and liquids sit too long on the surface and clean with the appropriate PH neutral cleaner.

As with all Livos products it has a full ingredient disclosure and is economical to use. It can be applied by various means and may also be combined with other Livos products such as the stains to achieve a different look.

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Carol Jenkins says:
Hello, I am interested in getting a finish to lighten kitchen cupboard doors of American oak. Can you advise please?
Angela says:
Hello Carol, What are the doors treated in? If it is a dark varnish, then if you can sand it off, the clear oil will be much lighter. However if you want to go lighter still and use an oil not paint, the Kunos white oil will certainly give you a lighter look.