Removing walls and need to patch up the timber floor?

Whatever the species it is always best to go to the trouble of sourcing old recycled timber. It won't be as easy as buying new boards but the little bit of extra effort will pay off in the long run. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than new but for most it won't break the budget. Why go to this extra effort? Timber ages with time, this combined with the fact that trees are being cut and processed at an earlier stage, makes the timber a lot lighter in colour when compared to older timber. Unless you are going to use a thick heavy stain or paint- you will always see the difference. Even though a builder may say so, very few floorsanders will individually stain some boards and match it to the rest of the floor.

Moving the kitchen bench and need to re do part of your oiled floor?

This is not as difficult as it may seem. If you have used a Livos oil that has been applied correctly then it's  actually even easier then you think! If the area is only small and the floor is the original timber a by moving the bench you will probably notice the different colour of the board and maybe even different heights. Rather than  sanding the whole area (as you would have to do if it were varnished) use an edger to reduce the height to match the rest of the boards. The rougher the grit, the easier it will be to do, especially if you have a few mm to sand down!!  When you are happy that the area is flat- work upwards with your sandpaper (usually up to 120 grit, or whatever your floor was first finished in) ease into the already treated area gently and 2-3 coats (as per instructions) There will be some colour difference but this will even up gradually. If this does bother you, then go over the whole area with a screen mesh and re oil. This will be your choice, not a must do.

If the repair area is large in relation to the treated area, it will be more economical, time saving and will create a better finish if you sand the floor with a belt sander. It's recommended to seek advice from a professional sander.