One of the biggest problems when combining pets and Livos is Urine Problems?

One of the biggest problems when combining pets and Livos is Urine Problems?


When urine comes into contact with an oiled floor we would recommend washing the area with a ph neutral cleaner as soon as possible. However when urine is left on the oils even after cleaning an unsightly black mark usually follows, sometimes this can 'disappear' over time with air and ventilation but for many the area remains marked.

For many years this has required a spot sanding and reoiling, however thanks to a very lovely Anro client we are now happy to announce a product that can make this a thing of the past.

Anro's head floor sanded was amazed at the difference this product made and is now happy to pass on the details of Urinefree.

urineFREE® is a guaranteed all-in-one bio-enzymatic product that will permanently remove and clean urine stains and urine odours from carpets, fabric, wood floors, synthetic grass, cement, tiles, porcelain, mattresses and other surfaces.

Urine, whether cat urine, dog urine or other urine including human urine, consists of urea, urochrome and uric acid crystals.

Most general cleaners only remove the water soluble components of urine (urea and urochrome) but leave behind the non-soluble uric acid crystals that retain the urine stain and strong urine odour. These crystals attach to surfaces and are very difficult to dislodge.  Any humidity or dampness will trigger the dormant crystals bringing back the urine smell.

urineFREE's bio-enzymatic formula "eats up" the urine and uric acid crystals whilst removing the urea and urochrome components, eliminating both the urine stain AND the urine odour for good.

urineFREE contains no harsh or hazardous ingredients, is biodegradable and environmentally friendly and is safe to use around humans and animals.

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Note: Anro and Livos have no affiliation with Urinefree, other than we have tried our own samples.