Maintaining Sustainable, Handmade and Antique Wooden Furniture

Maintaining Sustainable, Handmade and Antique Wooden Furniture

By now, most of us are aware of the harmful impact that mass produced furniture has on the environment, so it is no surprise to see an increase in people making green choices when furnishing their homes.

Whether we are choosing one off handmade pieces; purchasing from sustainable furniture makers or even recycled and antique furniture, these decisions mean we will be making great choices for the future of our planet, while choosing products that can stand the test of time… with the proper care and maintenance that is!

Essential to the long life of our wooden furniture, is the necessity to protect it from the natural elements; the sun’s harmful UV rays, heat, humidity and water. After choosing a beautiful addition for our home, we want to show it off and use it daily, so we must take good care of it to ensure it lasts. And with the conscious decision to fill our homes with sustainable furniture, we need complement those choices with sustainable products to ensure the proper care and maintenance.

The maintenance of your furniture will vary, dependent upon the materials used to create and finish the product. We will concentrate here on wooden furniture.

Keeping furniture clean from dust and wiping up spills immediately will ensure longevity, but in order to keep furniture looking it's best, it will need routine maintenance, which can be achieved through polishing with a wax, such as Livos Bivos Oil Wax #375 or Livos Gleivo Liquid Beeswax #315.

The correct application of wax creates a hard-polished surface which will protect the wood and provide a smooth hard surface which makes regular cleaning and dusting easier, preventing dust from being imbedded, which can occur in unwaxed surfaces.

While there are a multitude of furniture polishes available, such as sprays and oily polishes, these ‘easy methods’ can cause cumulative damage to furniture. The products can build up over time with numerous applications which trap and ‘glue’ airborne dirt to the surface.  Of equal concern is the lack of disclosure of ingredients in most products, which can be harmful to our health and our furniture.

Livos products are fully disclosed and formulated from natural ingredients, so they are safe to use in our homes, not harmful to our health or our furniture.

Our Bivos Oil Wax #375 has been formulated for use on previously waxed or oiled timber (and can also be used for the care of Terra-Cotta tiles and linoleum floors). The result is a transparent, velvet gloss which is moisture resistant and provides an antistatic finish. The Bivos is perfect for the maintenance of fine and antique furniture. Bivos is also well suited as a final coat for timber which has been treated with Livos oils and stains and for the restoration of old furniture – so second-hand furniture can be safely revamped by you at home! And even better, it is a certified safe product for use on toys!

Similarly, the Livos Gleivo Liquid Beeswax #315 is formulated for use on interior timbers and furniture. Being a liquid wax, the Gleivo is easy to apply and a little goes a long way.

Both products are easy to apply, using a lint free cloth, the wax should be rubbed onto the wood and wiped off. Leaving the wax to dry for approximately 20 minutes then buffing it will provide a harder, shinier surface, offering greater protection and appeal. This should be repeated 3-6 monthly to provide optimal protection.


So when you go out to purchase your next piece of furniture, be excited about choosing ethically made because you can be armed with the right products to maintain your furniture to ensure it lasts!


*All Livos products are stringently and regularly tested, with a full declaration of all raw materials openly available.