Maintaining oiled or waxed floors.

Maintaining oiled or waxed floors.

To keep your floors looking great particular attention to maintenance is needed. Whilst oiled floors are easy to repair and rejuvenate, paying particular attention to high traffic areas regularly makes long term maintenance a breeze.

A major plus with these natural timber oils is that spot treatment or repairs can usually take place without the need to refinish the entire floor area unlike varnish or the new pre-treated European boards that are hitting the market.

Effective maintenance is the key to keeping this type of floor looking great for a very long time. Do not over wash the floor and use cleaners specific to that surface. PH neutral cleaners are mild and effective in cleaning without removing the surface wax of the coating. Avoid using new micro fibre cloths with no cleaners as these can act as light abrasive and over time, remove the fine wax layer on the surface. The best option is to use are cotton mops and certainly no steam cleaners.

Short term maintenance is simple, a broom or vacuum to remove any grit and the occasional mop over with a damp cloth. Excessive water should not be used.  If spot washing is required, lightly spray the area with the cleaner and just mop the specific area rather than the whole room.

Periodically, applying a small amount of the original oil that was used to treat the floor onto the heavy wear areas can also be beneficial. Depending on the size of the area, this can be done by hand or if a larger area requires doing, then with a buffing machine using minimal oil. Prior to doing this, ensuring the area is clean and dry is paramount (no sanding is required unless the area has been neglected over a long period of time). Use only a small amount of oil to ensure no layer is formed. The surface can feel greasy but should not feel wet or tacky. Stay off the area for 24 hours and all is completed.