Livos used on 10 star home!

Livos used on 10 star home!

As seen on Better Homes and Gardens (TV Friday 7.7.17), 5 of 220 homes have been built at The Cape, beautiful Cape Patterson. This is not a standard development; the project has the highest sustainability features of any development throughout Australia.

The homes are built to an incredibly high standard of energy efficient. Martin builders considered all aspects of the homes construction, including the finishing materials. As one knows a sustainable home is not always a healthy one.  

Concrete flooring was used for thermal mass on the north facing home, the first 10 Star home built in Victoria. Huge savings are made when the concrete is not ground back to the aggregate and oiled with the Livos oils. Martin builders did a fantastic job using the Livos oils on the concrete floor resulting in an easy to maintain surface with a beautiful lustre. The oils are not only economical and easy to use, however importantly do not continue to offgass any VOC (Volatile organic Compounds) which influences the indoor air quality.

Externally and on some internal timber surfaces, such as windows and doors, the Alis decking oil was used. Apart from the many immediate benefits of the oil, when one considers the life of the timber, it can very easily be recycled or reused at the end of its life.

A truly sustainable design means considering the environmental impact of all construction materials right down to the paints and finishes.

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