Livos oils are suitable for Ply and cabinetry

Clarification of Ardvos and Kunos tin labels

Ardvos and Kunos tin labels do state " Suitable to a limited extent for OSB and veneer. Not to be used on cabinet interiors, stained wood or for the treatment of plywood " however...

The products are shipped worldwide and as a result the labels are generalised. This should be taken into consideration as wood structure varies greatly across the globe, for example timbers in Europe are softer than the Australian hardwoods. Similarly there are also a huge variety of manufactured boards being introduced across the world market, some, not as well produced as we believe they should be. 

Therefore we would like to make it clear that Kunos can and has been used on most Plywoods within Australia. This is demonstrated through the many projects that we and many clients have used the oils on, and are featured in the gallery. This is clearly acknowledged in our TDS on the Livos Australia website

"For glued crosscut wood or wood veneers, with a minimum of 0.5 mm after sanding, the 1st coat is to be applied very thinly, and the wet film to be removed after 5 minutes. For glued crosscut wood or wood veneers, with a surface coat of smaller than 0.5 mm, the KUNOS is not suitable. Adhesives and glues have to be completely dry before treatment with the 1st KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 coat."  If unsure, as with any product I would strongly recommend testing prior to application.

If you have an extremely thin substrate, then priming with the Kaldet 270 and finishing off with the Kunos will alleviate any issues.

While the Ardvos is deeper penetrating oil and although we have had no reactions with the glues used in panelling in Australia it is perhaps best avoided, or at least tested prior on a sample piece. As the  Ardvos reaches deeper into the timber it also deepens the colour of the timber more so than the Kunos.

In regard to cabinet interiors the issue here is again one of generalisation to ensure the finished product is correctly treated after application.

While the Kunos and Ardvos products can and have be used in cabinet interiors they must be allowed the opportunity to cure, this can only be achieved through having access to air and being well ventilation. Therefore doors must be either cured before being installed or if time does not permit cupboards must remain open for the duration curing time. If this does not happen, one is confronted with a linseed oil smell when opening the cupboards.