Livos oils are a cost effective solution for Heritage listed Properties

Livos oils are a cost effective solution for Heritage listed Properties

Natural oils are a cost effective solution for Heritage Listed Properties.

Thinning of old timber floors –

It was a combination of events that led the city of Yarra Council to contract the sanding and oiling of several of their timber floors at various city locations. One such place was the beautiful old hardwood floor at the Fitzroy Town hall, dating back to 1873 and recorded as a ‘Heritage place’ by Heritage Victoria.

Words by the Executive Project Engineer, City of Yarra.

“In early 2011 the City of Yarra was looking for a more environmentally friendly method of treating its historic Town Hall Floors.  It was decided to use Livos Australia to sand and oil the stage floor in the Fitzroy Town Hall as it was in very poor condition. The benefits we found were a minimal impact from smell and disruption compared to traditional synthetic coatings. Also given the floor is used for public functions it is regularly scratched by hirers of the hall.  We found that the floor was quickly and easily repaired without the need to re sand the surface.

I would not hesitate in recommending Livos Australia for other projects.”

To apply the Livos products the boards needed to be sanded back completely one final time, stripping back the heavy varnish that was previously used; exposing beautiful old boards. With some tender loving care and the use of the Koimos no VOC (volatile organic compounds) oil, a combination of oil, wax and resin, the stage floor was completely revitalised. Having now been treated with the Livos natural oils means that in future this floor will not need re-sanding and therefore, rejuvenation can take place without wearing out the historical boards.

This Town Hall is being used as a case study in the effectiveness of the Livos oils on such historical surfaces compared to a synthetic coating that would require re-sanding. Such study is imperative as the floor boards are over 100 years old, have been sanded a number times and consequently, are now wearing thin. A combination of oil, wax and resins nourish the timber without the need for further sanding when the time comes for rejuvenation and therefore, prolonging the life of these historical boards.

To ensure the old beautiful timbers are retained, an increasing number of heritage listed buildings are using the Livos penetrating oils to extend the life of their timber floors.


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