LINN Bathroom Furniture oil

LINN Bathroom Furniture oil

Does Livos have an oil suitable for bathrooms? 

Bathrooms can be very wet places and have lots of soaps etc so it is wonderful that Livos has developed an oil that is designed specifically for these needs. 

The LINN Bathroom oil #1703 is one of our newer products. It has a  higher gloss finish and looks more similar to a varnish than a penetrating oil. The higher waxes that provide the added sheen also provide excellent protection from the soaps and harsher bathroom products common in that area.

As with all Livos Products there is a Full Declaration:  Linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester. wood oil, castor oil - natural resin ester, isoaliphates, dehydrated amino sugar and drying agents free of lead (Co, Zr) .

Depending on the requirements, absorbency and wood type: apply 3 coats with a brush until layer formation at temperatures above 16°C. After the 1st and 2nd coat ( applied on consecutive days) polish in excess oil after 5-10 minutes with a lint-free cotton cloth. Sand in between with 320 grit after each coating. After the third coat polish in excess oil with a cotton cloth. On surfaces treated with KUNOS Natural Oil Sealer No. 244 or KUNOS Countertop Oil No. 243 apply a single coat after having sanded with 180 grain.

 Available in sizes 0.375 lt; 0.75 lt; 2.5 lt.

Coverage :
 First coat 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 18 m². i.e 56ml/m2 
Second coat 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 63 m². i.e 16ml/m2 
Third coat 1 litre is sufficient for approximately 90 m². i.e 11ml/m2

 Clean equipment immediately after use with SVALOS Thinner No. 222.