How does the price of Livos' non toxic floor finishes compare to standard varnishes?

How does the price of Livos' non toxic floor finishes compare to standard varnishes?

We all have to watch our spending and budgets so one always compares prices. But don't stop there. At first glance, the prices of some of our products may appear higher than competing products. However, when the coverage rates are compared, Livos natural oils are actually more economical.

Why, you may ask? Because the same amount of product covers a larger area. It is more advantageous to use a minimal amount to create a fine oil/wax film on the surface. This, long term allows for spot repair or rejuvenation of the surface if or when necessary without having to re sand the whole surface. Then, don’t forget the products are plant based and not crude oil based so also consider your health and that of your family’s in the price equation. So, we feel, not only more economical, but more sustainable as well as healthier.

Other points that are worth considering when choosing your coatings, especially on older floorboards, is that when one uses the Livos oils the ease of reapplication, and the fact that no toxic fumes are added to your home atmosphere are an additional benefit. Also though, compare this to the cost and inconvenience of regularly reapplying a chemical varnish to your floors. Not only that; each time a chemical varnish coating is replaced, re-sanding reduces the thickness of your floorboards. This eventually wears the timber to the tongue and groove resulting in loose floorboards, so the whole timbered surface has to be replaced eventually. Lastly, don't forget the inconvenience of moving the furniture out, relocating the family, the whole disruption sanding causes...then the moving the furniture in again.

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