Achieving a limed beachy look with a natural finish.

Achieving a limed beachy look with a natural finish.

Do you like the limed beachy look to your floors or furniture? Do you have a timber that you do not want to deepen in colour? Whilst the clear oil highlights and deepens the colour of the substrate, one is working on, sometimes it is nice to keep it looking as if it is untreated or in its original sanded and untreated look.

If that is the case, the Kunos natural oil sealer in the white is the answer. The "liming" finish is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons. 

When using a stain, you need to remember sanding needs to be more exact. Any scratches in the surface left by sanding paper will be highlighted even more. The pigments actually settle into the scratches and these then become more obvious..... more so than if you were using a clear finish. 

Remember not to sand too finely as the Livos oils are penetrating oils and need to connect to the pores of the substrate one is working on. If you are using a dense timber, and sanding is completed to a fine grit, the pores glaze over, reducing the amount of penetration.

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