ARDVOS Universal Wood Oil #266


0.05 lt; 0.25 lt; 0.75 lt; 2.5 lt; 5 lt; 10 lt


Slightly honey-coloring.


Product Description

ARDVOS Universal Timber Oil—a natural solution designed for both soft and hardwoods, ideal for enhancing the beauty and longevity of your interior timber. This exceptional oil is perfect for treating wood furniture, timber floors, window frames, doors, and OSB boards. Boasting a transparent, satin finish, it creates a water-repellent, open-pored surface that adds a touch of elegance to your wooden surfaces. After 2 to 3 applications, it produces a slight sheen and water-resistant surface. Easy to apply and rejuvenate.

Tailored for interior use, ARDVOS Universal Timber Oil is more than just a wood treatment; it’s made from cold-pressed linseed oil, the oil is combined with other natural waxes and resins to penetrate the timber surface. Whether you're seeking an exquisite finish for your wood furniture, revitalizing timber floors, or refining window frames and doors, this oil offers a seamless solution. Its versatility extends to treating concrete floors, where you have the option to enhance their appeal by adding Vindo for tinted, coloured concrete.

Suitable for

ARDVOS Universal Wood Oils are suitable for interior surfaces made from timber and cork, such as wood furniture, timber floors, stairs, parquetry, chopping boards and toys. Ventilate well in closed areas such as cupboards. The products are made from natural materials like linseed which are free of toxic substances, not harmful to humans, animals, or plants, even in direct contact.

Full Declaration

Linseed oil, linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed oil - stand oil, linseed oil - wood oil -stand oil, natural resin glycerol ester, orange oil, isoaliphates, silicic acid, micronized wax, dehydrated amino sugar and drying agents free of lead.


First coat: 1 lt covers approximately 17 m2
Second coat: 1 lt covers approximately 42 m2
Third coat: 1 lt covers approximately 106 m2
Any left over oil may be decanted and kept for rejuvenation purposes or another project

For "How To" information sheets regarding Application, Care and Maintenance and Rejuvenation please click here

Further Information for those applying on Ply Timbers or Kitchen Cupboards 

Further information for those using Ardvos on concrete please click here 

Cleaning Up

We recommend SVALOS Thinner No. 222 to clean equipment immediately after use. Alternatively mineral turps may be used.