GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner #559


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Product Description

GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner is a premier timber cleaner that offers exceptional quality for cleaning, rejuvenating, and safeguarding wooden surfaces. Made from natural ingredients, this environmentally friendly solution effectively removes dirt and grime from timber floors, furniture, as well as tiles and linoleum. Its unique formulation leaves behind a protective layer of wax that restores gloss, while also acting as a maintenance emulsion for oiled, waxed, and lacquered surfaces. With easy application and versatile usage, this natural liquid wax cleaner is a must-have for anyone seeking to maintain clean, polished, and protected wooden surfaces.

Featuring its powerful stain and mark removal capabilities, GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner ensures the preservation of your wooden surfaces' impeccable appearance. It stands as a safe and highly effective alternative to conventional chemical-based cleaners, thanks to its exceptional blend of natural ingredients. 

For optimal results and to prevent the development of layers on floors, it is recommended to use GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner every 4th to 5th cleaning. Experience the transformative power of this timber cleaner, designed to meet your needs for cleaning timber floors, timber furniture, and providing liquid wood wax protection.

Suitable for

Glanos Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner is suitable for interior surfaces that have been oiled, waxed and lacquered, as well as for linoleum.

Full Declaration

Water, potash, shellac wax, carnauba wax, Japan wax, corn germ oil potassium soap, sugarfatty- acid condensate, citric acid , ethanol and glycerol.


Diluted with water: 1 tablespoon of GLANOS Natural Liquid Wax Cleaner is sufficient for 5 l of water.

Cleaning Up

Rinse cleaning cloth or mop after use in warm water.