SALIS Natural Finger Paints #907


 A set with 6 x 0.05 lt.



011 Yellow
111 Green
051 Red
121 Blue
038 Orange
202 White

Product Description

The SALIS finger paints are non toxic products, safe for babies and kids of all ages. The set comes with 6 colours, each in a 0.05lt glass container presented in a carboard box. The eco friendly paints can be diluted with water or used as is and can be applied with fingers, brush or sponge. All colours are inter-mixable.

Suitable for

All absorbent materials such as wood, stone, unglazed potter’s clay,  paper, cardboard, gypsum, or play dough.

Full Declaration

Water, mineral pigments, methyl cellulose, hemp oil, and extract of gentian roots. Preserved with substances permitted in the pharmaceuticals and food industry.


Stir thoroughly! Use a clean spoon or spatula to remove the paint. Apply undiluted or diluted with water, using a brush, sponge, or your fingers.

Cleaning Up

Wash up in water.

Please note that SALIS can dye some fabrics. We recommend using a smock to protect clothing.