KALDET Transparent Wood Stain #270


0.05 lt; 0.375 lt; 0.75 lt;  2.5 lt


Interior & Exterior:

022 boxwood
113 green
122 ultramarine blue
124 country blue
212 light grey

Interior Only:

002 clear

114 Mint green
032 pine  
042 dark teak
052 brazil


202 white

062 walnut 
076 oak
082 rosewood
102 ebony





Product Description

KALDET Transparent Wood Stain is the non-toxic solution for those looking to protect and enhance the natural beauty of their wood. As a oil-based wood stain, it provides long-lasting durability and protection against external impacts, making it the perfect choice for staining wood. Decorative, open-pored, and permeable to water vapor. KALDET Transparent Wood Stain available in 15 colors, you can find the perfect shade to suit your project. After the 3rd coat, pigmented products are also weather-resistant. This wood stain can also be used as a primer under the transparent ARDVOS or KUNOS. Made from organic ingredients that are safe for your health and the environment.

Note:  KALDET Transparent Wood Stain No. 270 “002 clear” does not contain orange oil and is therefore also suitable for those who are sensitive to terpenes.

Suitable for

Suitable for staining interior and exterior solid wood (including wooden toys), veneers, OSB, Multiplex. Made from organic ingredients, it provides long-lasting protection against scratches, water damage, and sun damage.

Note: not suitable for high-traffic areas such as balcony floors.

Full Declaration

Linseed oil - stand oil - natural resin ester, linseed oil, earth- and mineral pigments, linseed oil - stand oil, linseed oil — wood oil - stand oil, micronized wax, orange oil, isoaliphates, alumina and drying agents free of lead.


1 undiluted litre covers approximately 15 to 30 m² . Could be considerably less, depending on the surface condition and the absorbency of the wood. Test application is recommended!

Cleaning Up

We recommend SVALOS Thinner No. 222 to clean equipment immediately after use. Alternatively mineral turps may be used.