TAROS Natural Toilet Cleaner #548


1 lt; 30 lt




Product Description

For cleaning of toilets, including heavily calcified toilets. Cleans dirt and odour gently. Dries fast without leaving stains. Dissolves lime and other soiling sensitive to acid. Dissolves urine stains after a short reaction time. Removes dirt and smell also in the case of hard water.

Suitable for

leaning dirty and also extremely calcified toilets and sanitary areas.

Full Declaration

Water, citric acid, ethanol, Reetha (soapnut) extract, polysaccharide and citron oil.


Apply approximately 15 ml of TAROS all over the edge of the toilet bowl. Leave to react for a while, then brush the toilet bowl and flush. In case of heavy soiling allow to react for a longer time.

Cleaning Up

Rinse with water