Founding Director, Superpod Pty Ltd

We are so happy with your Livos oil in our superpodhome project.

We used your oils on our Australply Hoop Pine Ply cabinet work and linings.  

The oil is lovely to work with and enhances the timber without being overly shiny.

We also used your oils on our concrete slab floor.  Again, the oils were just beautiful to work with.  A true confession, we oiled the floor in bare feet with no worries about getting any of it on our skin.  It smells so beautiful you can just tell it is environmentally friendly!

Please tell your supporters that if they want to build an environmentally friendly home, they can talk to us about a superpod podhouse, which uses virtually no heating (in Victoria Australia), and no aircon either!  Good for our environment, and so great to live in.  Check out our Facebook page and our website