We have recently finished building a non-toxic (healthy) home at Daylesford for renting out on weekends. It's been quite a journey as we have had to source products that are genuinely 'healthy' and that have an appeal for our guests. I am very pleased to report that the paints and stains that we purchased from Livos have absolutely done the trick. The paints have a very sweet smell (unlike the traditional products), and having plant based pigments present no problems from a health perspective.  

The whole house is timber clad and we have timber floors and kitchen, and several decks. The challenge for us was to find a product that was healthy and functional i.e., would last the distance. Your recommendation to use Alis decking oil was a great one as the application was very easy and the product is holding up beautifully. It's been a marathon effort to finish the staining but certainly well worth while as the house looks great and our original need for a healthy product has been met.  Thanks so much; come up and stay at our place at Daylesford any time.