I wanted to update this post 18 months or so down the track.  We went with the livos kunos product on both our concrete slab and also on our recycled blackwood floor.  We couldn't be happier.

To be honest, we started being very particular about cleaning up spills immediately and over the following year got slacker and slacker about how quickly we cleaned under our toddlers high chair.  I'll admit there have been many days when food has stayed there for hours or I rushed to work leaving porridge on the floor until the evening.  We have had NO staining, the marks have always come off and it still looks like new.

In the kitchen, the floor was fairly quick to look tired.  As much as you try not to drop things on the floor you always seem to have detergent trapped in a dishwasher item that hits the deck.  Recently I picked up some maintenance oil and was amazed that in about 15 min the kitchen looked like new again.

We live on granitic sands and have three kids.  Sand is always in the house.

This product has maintained scratches better than anything else I have seen.

I can always renew it and love that we don't have any more polyurethane on the floor.

My only negative is that I followed the concrete installation instructions online and washed the slab with the recommended cleaner the night before the contractor oiled the slab.  I then rinsed the slab as instructed.  My mop marks have stained the floor and are still visible 12 months later.  The contractor swears that he never uses this product to clean a floor before oiling and I would highly recommend you do not use it, or if so, rinse many times over and allow to dry for many days before the oil is applied.
Thankfully the floor finish has sufficient variation that the mop marks do not stand out.

Overall, we LOVE this finish on our floor and would highly recommend it to someone with kids.

And finally, it turns out the person that had a bad experience with this product had an inferior and different product laid by their contractor even though livos was specified.